Bespoke Kitchenette with a Drinking Bar

Bespoke Kitchenette with a Drinking Bar - Design and Installation in Ireland

This stunning traditional style kitchenette has a small worktop with hidden sink for doing basic cooking and food preparation. A bespoke drinks area and a home bar features beautiful display shelving and glass cabinets, which are both stylish and functional. Being amazingly practical, this unique kitchenette with a drinking bar provides a lot of aesthetic and inventive benefits and is a gorgeous addition to any home.

Bespoke D&D Kitchens

Every bespoke D&D kitchen is unique, custom designed and built exclusively to suit your personal taste and specific needs. The beauty of a made to measure kitchen is that you never have to compromise on style or your desires. Every part of the kitchen will be handcrafted by our professional team using the best quality finishes and techniques to create an exceptional kitchen that is not only highly functional, but truly beautiful.

At D&D Kitchens we specialise in the design, manufacturing and installation of handmade fitted kitchens. We offer a range of styles - contemporary or traditional, and can provide any colour and finish you prefer. We can offer a selection of personalised features like a statement island or a custom wine rack and incorporate storage solutions that work for you. All our accessories are premium quality and carefully sourced from a trusted suppliers.

The layout of every kitchen we make is individually planned, ensuring every inch of the space is cleverly used. We want your new kitchen to be uniquely yours - the centre of your home, a place to cook, relax and spend time with your family and friends. We create beautiful, multi-functional kitchens that give you exactly what you need.

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